Physical, Psychological, and Sexual Abuse

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A recent study found that the elderly were being abused in one out of every three nursing homes nationwide. Prior studies have found similar results, while noting that – due to the fact that many victims do not report their abuse – the true scope of the problem is unknown.

This means that if you or a loved one may have been abused in a nursing home, you are not alone. It also shows just how important it is for abuse victims to stand up for their legal rights. Abuse is not a problem that goes away on its own, and by taking action, you can help protect yourself and others from ongoing abuse.

Experienced Legal Representation for Victims of Nursing Home Abuse

At Gladstein Law Firm, PLLC, we are committed to helping elderly abuse victims recover just compensation. In addition to suffering from the abuse itself, nursing home residents who have been abused often suffer related physical and psychological injuries. These injuries can lead to significant financial losses, as victims often need to pay exorbitant medical bills in order to receive the treatment they need to recover. When injuries from abuse leave lasting impressions, victims may experience additional losses as well.

We represent victims of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse.

Physical Abuse

According to a study reported by the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), half of all nursing home staff members admit to abusing or neglecting elderly residents. This includes 17 percent who admitted to committing various forms of physical abuse. If you or a loved one has experienced any of the following in a nursing home, we urge you to contact us right away:

  • Being beaten, punched, slapped, or kicked
  • Being pushed or shoved
  • Being violently shaken
  • Being physically restrained
  • Having your hair pulled
  • Being denied food or water or fed against your will

Psychological Abuse

Psychological abuse can be extremely damaging for elderly nursing home residents. Common examples of psychological abuse in nursing homes include:

  • Isolating residents from family, friends, and other residents
  • Refusing to speak to residents or ignoring them as a form of punishment
  • Threatening to withhold food or medications
  • Telling residents that their family won’t be able to visit if they don’t do what staff members want them to
  • Telling residents that their families don’t care about them or that their family and friends won’t visit because they are unlikeable people
  • Yelling at residents
  • Swearing at or insulting residents

In the study published by NCEA, 51 percent of nursing home staff members said they had yelled at residents, and 23 percent admitted to insulting or swearing at elderly individuals under their care.

Sexual Abuse

According to NCEA, sexual assault accounts for seven percent of all nursing home abuse. With nearly half of the 1.7 million nursing home residents in the United States reporting that they have been abused, this suggests that tens of thousands of elderly individuals are being sexually abused while under nursing home care. This includes sexual harassment, nonconsensual sexual contact, rape, and sexual coercion.

How Abuse Happens in Nursing Homes

Since we trust nursing homes to provide care for our loved ones, it can be hard to accept that abuse is such a common occurrence. Nevertheless, the reality is that many nursing homes fail to take the necessary precautions to protect their residents from abuse. Common problems include:

  • Failing to conduct adequate background checks on nursing home staff
  • Hiring employees with a history of abusive treatment
  • Providing inadequate training on recognizing and preventing abuse
  • Inadequately supervising nursing home staff
  • Maintaining inadequate security
  • Maintaining insufficient staff to protect against abusive situations
  • Failing to take action against reported instances of abuse

Each of these can be sufficient grounds to file a claim against a nursing home if you or your loved one has been abused.

Speak with Louisville, KY Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Seth Gladstein

Nursing home abuse is a serious problem. If you even suspect abuse, we recommend that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Many victims who do not take action end up suffering from prolonged abuse, and the longer they wait, the worse their situations become.

At Gladstein Law Firm, PLLC, we offer *free, confidential consultations, and we only collect attorneys’ fees if we are successful in helping our clients secure financial compensation. To speak with an attorney about your situation, please contact us today.

*Each case is different and the past record is no assurance that we will be successful in reaching a favorable result in any future case. Among many settlements, Gladstein Law Firm has recovered: $1.8 Million settlement for medical malpractice case involving negligent performance of hysterectomy (Christian Circuit Court); $1.75 Million medical malpractice case involving negligent failure to timely diagnose and treat lung cancer (Jefferson Circuit Court); $550,000 settlement for failure to diagnose prostate cancer (pre-litigation settlement); $500,000 settlement for negligent failure to diagnose and treat an impending stroke after brain surgery (Jefferson Circuit Court); and $195,000 settlement for negligent failure to diagnose and treat a potentially life-threatening heart condition (Macon Co., N.C.; served as co-counsel)  Click here to see some of Gladstein Law Firm, PLLC’s successes. Client pays costs only upon recovery.

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